Liquidation Services

Liquidation Services
A1 Restaurant Equipment is always on the lookout for more equipment to bring back to our warehouse located in Johnson City, TN. We are constantly purchasing commercial
restaurant equipment all over the United States, from Corporate Chains down to your small start-ups and anywhere in-between. A1 travels coast to coast purchasing commercial restaurant kitchen equipment & small-wares.

“A1 travels coast to coast purchasing commercial restaurant kitchen equipment & smallwares.„

How we liquidate

When we liquidate restaurant equipment we do all of the work for you. We remove all equipment from the building in an orderly fashion. We cap all water lines as needed, make sure all electrical wiring is properly protected, and cap all gas lines. We also cap all air vents for Vent Hood systems that we have removed. We sweep all hard floor surfaces and vacuum carpeted floors. We make sure that any mess created by us during the removal of the restaurant equipment is cleaned up.

When we are finished your building is ready to be turned over to your landlord. All of this is done with you the customer in mind. When you contract us to do the job, we want it to be worry and hassle free for you. When our crew enters your location we want you to feel confident that we can handle anything that comes up.

For chain restaurants and supermarkets, not only can we do the equipment removal but we can also be contracted to transfer your large and small equipment to other locations you may have within your company.

How to get a quote


To get a quote on your equipment all you have to do is give us a call at (888) 743-0025 and our office staff would be happy to assist you. If you would like to email you can do so here. Be sure to include any pictures you may have of your equipment you are looking to sell as this will help speed up the process.